Let’s YarnBomb Bellevue Beautiful

In May and June, Bellevue will be transformed by yarn, join us! 

We have been diligently working for weeks, and we are so grateful and humbled by the support our project has received!


Please click here to view our work!


We couldn’t have done this without YOU! The help has been tremendous and we are so excited. Please click here to see who your favorite yarnbombers are and where they contributed!


We know Bellevue, Pennsylvania is the place to be and we want the world to know! Help us this Spring.

  • Do you love your Bellevue?
  • Do you love yarn?
    • Knit, Crochet, Weave: the choice is yours

The BellevueYarnBombers are looking for help and support in our own “Yam Bombing” project. We sense a strong need for outdoor art in Bellevue. We are looking to build excitement for the 2018 Bellevue Farmers Market as well as the WizardVue weekend in August.

After our YarnBomb install is done for the season, we will re-purpose our panels into blankets and donate them to local area shelters.